Historic Tools of North Castle

The John Norris Thorne, Jr. Collection

Early Tools and Household Utensils and Farm Implements

Mr. John Norrish Thorne, Jr. was an avid collector of farm implements, household utensils and early tools. He was interested in implements used by farmers and utensils used by homemakers and tools used by specific trades, such as carpenters, cobblers, coopers, wagon makers and lumberjacks. His comprehensive collection includes patent models and small copies used by salesmen and is illustrative of life without electricity.

Mrs. Thorne loaned her husband’s large collection to The North Castle Historical Society and some years after Mr. Thorne’s death in 1972 donated the entire collection to The Society. There are more than 250 separate items on display at Historic Smith’s Tavern in Armonk. However, the collection is housed on the second floor of the Tavern and inaccessible to many visitors who do not climb the very steep and narrow stairs. Now, for the first time, the entire collection may be viewed electronically.

The North Castle Historical Society is deeply indebted to Eagle Scout candidate Nicholas Skiera who conceived the idea and executed it to completion with many hours of volunteer help from members Troop 94 Armonk. His organizational skills, commitment and computer talent are evident in the finished product.

We hope you enjoy your tour of North Castle Historical Tools.

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