Historic Tools of North Castle

Food Choppers (5)

There are five different types of food chopper tools at Smith’s Tavern.  

Catalog Items:

Item T212

Location:Panel 2
Length: 24 cm
Width: 9 cm
Weight: 174 g

The first chopper (T212) is a short tool with cast iron curved, fan-like blades that helped protect a wooden bowl or cutting board; instead of chopping or mincing vegetables in a rolling fashion, an up-and-down motion was used with this tool.  

Reference:  https://lancasteronline.com/lanclife/may-s-antique-toolbox-answer-food-chopper/article_c2cbcd1e-1aa7-11e5-8309-77001c9e6439.html

Item T215

Location:Panel 2
Length: 19 cm
Width: 15 cm
Weight: 141 g

The second chopper (T215) has a large wooden handle the length of the metal curved blade; this tool was mostly likely used in a rocking motion as a food chopper and/or dough cutter.

Reference:  None

Item T216

Location:Panel 2
Length: 29 cm
Width: 17 cm
Weight: 546 g

The third chopper (T216) is a double-bladed, two-wooden handle tool also known as the “double mezzaluna” which means half moon in Italian.  It was used to swiftly chop or mince onions, garlic and herbs and helped reduce food preparation time.  

Reference:  None

Item T217

Location:Panel 2
Length: 15 cm
Width: 14 cm
Weight: 157 g

The fourth chopper (T217) is all metal, with a tin black handle and a curved steel blade.  This was probably a handmade item.

Reference:  None

Item T218

Location:Panel 2
Length: 18 cm
Width: 15 cm
Weight: 180 g

The fifth chopper (T218) has a primitive straight rounded wooden handle attached to a steel stem to the curved blade.  The metal of this tool appears to be of one piece with no welding.  Etched words on stem appear to be “E L KRATS”.

Reference:  None