Historic Tools of North Castle

Hog Scrapper

Do-it-yourself hog scrappers were the easiest way to remove hair from the hides of butchered hogs, especially if roasting a whole pig.  The tool has a circular concave metal disc with a sharp rim suitable for scraping the bristles from a hog carcass and a handle in the form of a candle holder of its convex surface.

After scalding the bell scraper removes hair. Firmly hold the hog scraper with two hands and use pressure to scrape the hog from the front to the tail. The bell scraper is used by pulling toward the user during scraping. Most butchers begin with the head and legs; these areas are the hardest and are easiest when done promptly after scalding. Stretch the skin or move the hog's legs to make scraping easier. If the hair is difficult to remove it usually indicates the hog has not been sufficiently scalded. Once the hair is removed rinse with warm or hot water. 

Reference:  http://www.redhillgeneralstore.com/farm/Hog-Scraper.htm

Catalog Items:

Item 78-12-1

Location:Panel 3
Length: 15 cm
Width: 11 cm
Weight: 119 g