Historic Tools of North Castle

Maple Syrup Dipper

This device at Smith Tavern was used as part of the procedure of maple syrup processing.  After the sap was tapped from the trees, the sugar-water is boiled. When it is boiled, the water escapes in the form of steam and the liquid becomes sweeter and changes to an amber color with an increased sugar content.  When it comes from the tree, sap has about 2-2.5% sugar content. After the boiling process, the sugar content is over 65%. The liquid is transferred (probably by a device similar to the Smith Tavern dipper) to flat pans for final finishing, filtering and packaging.

Reference:  https://www.pamaplefestival.com/syrup-production.html

Catalog Items:

Item T250

Location:Panel 11
Length: 119 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 13 cm
Weight: 965 g