Historic Tools of North Castle

Tongs For Removing Canning Jars

This tool at Smith’s Tavern is tongs used to remove canning jars from boiling water.  It is made of metal and consists of a two-finger, trigger-like handle that operated two single-twisted wire arms to grip the jars.   Printed on the handle is “PAT Apr 14, ‘08” yet research into patents issued that date in 1809 and 1909 did not discover anything about this tool.


To discover more of the home canning process, see the following tools:  Glass Canning Funnel (T122) on the Right Shelf - 3rd and Mason Jar (No Id) on Right Shelf - Bottom.


If anyone does know more about this particular tool, please email the Historical Society with this much-needed information.


Reference: None

Catalog Items:

Item T185

Location:Right Shelf - Bottom
Length: 40 cm
Width: 11 cm
Weight: 548 g