Historic Tools of North Castle

Wooden Vises (2)

There are two wooden vises at Smith’s Tavern:  one with metal screw adjusters (85-44-5) and the other 100% made of wood.  These devices are also known as screw clamps.  These vises or clamps were woodworkers tools.  The design of two screw adjusters on both sides of the vice jaws allowed the user to offset and/or angle the jaws however necessary to keep parts from shifting.  The flat-sided jaws made it easy to clamp them to other surfaces and would not damage the object to be damaged like metal vises/clamps would.

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Catalog Items:

Item 85-44-5 (With Metal Screw Adjusters)

Location:Panel 16
Length: 40 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 873 g

Item None (Wooden Screw Adjusters)

Location:Floor, Panel 16
Length: 32 cm
Width: 18 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight: 260 g