Historic Tools of North Castle


This device at Smith’s Tavern is a late 1800s all tin, round bathtub that used often used in hotels or boarding houses as well as family residences.  It appears that it was originally painted light blue.  The tub had two metal legs under the seat that would hold the tub steady (these legs have broken off the tub at Smith’s Tavern but are still present at the exhibit).  At the top of the circle is a seat for the person to sit on with their feet in the shallow bottom.  There is a half-moon place to the right of the seat for a bar of soap.  A wire loop is behind the seat for hanging the tub to dry.

A person would sit on the seat and have the hot/warm water poured over them, then they would wash themselves, probably with a washcloth and soap, and be rinsed again with new water.  

Reference:  https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1870s-bathtub-tin-round-antique-142573718

Catalog Items:

Item T90

Location:Floor, Window #3
Width: 102 cm
Height: 23 cm