Historic Tools of North Castle

Stephen Spoor’s Boiling Kettle

This item is a boiling kettle made of black cast iron originally coated with zinc or was galvanized.  It was manufactured by Stephen Spoor’s of Troy, New York and patented #5114 in 1859 (with such information engraved into the lids).  The kettle has a handmade flat stock wrought iron handle that attaches at the spout and front of the kettle.


The kettle was made to fit into a Winter Proof Base Burner slot on a stove made by A. Ingraham & Co., of Troy, NY (1871-74) - as can be seen by the slight ridging around the middle of the kettle (and the different coloration due to the exposure to the heat).  This location partially inside the stove allowed for immediate heating of the liquids in the kettle.


Reference:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/castironguys/photos/?tab=album&album_id=782648188525325 and Kettle Patent Record

Catalog Items:

Item T202

Location:Floor in Front of Panel 7
Length: 26 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 3456 g