Historic Tools of North Castle

Tabletop Coffee Grinder

This tool at Smith’s Tavern is an Enterprise Manufacturing Company coffee grinder, which is stamped around the base of the device.  Also stamped is “Philadelphia USA” and “Pat. Oct. 21 ‘73”.  It is mainly made of cast iron on a wooden base.  The top is a sealable chamber for the whole coffee beans.  The center part of the device houses the grinders, held closed with a wingnut.  The device is operated by the hand crank on one side.  The ground coffee would be deposited in the drawer at the bottom of the device.

The Enterprise Manufacturing Co. of Philadelphia, PA was primarily a hardware manufacturer known for its coffee mills and domestic devices, such as cherry pitters and apple peelers. [Smith’s Tavern have another device made by Enterprise Manufacturing, a cast iron trivet located in front of Window #2.]

Reference:  https://www.icollector.com/Enterprise-Manufacturing-Company-Coffee-Grinder_i28409359 and http://www.internetantiquegazette.com/banks/261_enterprise_manufacturing_co/ 

Catalog Items:

Item T236

Location:Front of Panel 9
Length: 22 cm
Width: 28 cm
Height: 31 cm
Weight: 4535 g