Historic Tools of North Castle

Chas Forschner & Sons 5 lbs Scale

This device at Smith’s Tavern is a type of pedestal scale.  It is made of wrought iron painted white (or off-white) with a removable copper pan.  It has a circular two-sided measurement faceplate dial covered by glass, so both the shop owner and customer could see the weight, with a stated maximum capacity of five pounds.  On one side of the faceplate, under the glass is printed “Approved Type 32 Serial 1, New York City and Penna”.  Also printed around the center of the dial is “Chas. Forschner & Sons, New Britain, CT USA”.  On the other side, is a sticker that reads “Westchester County Department of Weights & Measures, Sealed Thomas C. Scott, Sealer – CONDEMNED”.  This scale was used at the Lander’s Store, which was located at the corner of Maple Avenue and Route 128, for weighting meat products.

The Chas. Forschner & Sons company was founded by Charles Forschner in 1855.  It made various scales and imported knives, including Swiss Army knives.  The company was bought and sold a few times before it became Swiss Army Brands, Inc.  in the mid-1990s.

Reference (similar item): https://picclick.com/Vintage-Antique-Chas-Forschner-sons-5lb-candy-192764171243.html 

Catalog Items:

Item 79-3-1B

Location:Floor, Window #1
Length: 61 cm
Width: 29 cm