Historic Tools of North Castle

Fairbanks’ Grocers’ Trip Scale

This device at Smith’s Tavern is a grocers’ trip scale.  It was manufactured between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s by Fairbanks Scales of Kansas City, Missouri.  In 1906, this scale ranged in price from $6 to $14.25, depending on whether it was ordered with or without weights, and with porcelain, brass or iron plates.

The scale at Smith’s Tavern was owned and used at the Lander’s Store, which was located at the corner of Maple Avenue and Route 128.  It is made of heavy red-colored metal, two balancing plates (the larger is white porcelain and the smaller is iron).  The center holds a sliding weight along a bar noting 1-16 lbs.  The scale was used to weight dairy products such as butter, lard and cheese.

Reference:  https://www.fairbanks.com/documents/antique_scales.pdf

Catalog Items:

Item 79-3-1A

Location:Floor, Window #1
Length: 42 cm
Width: 20 cm
Weight: 5195 g