Historic Tools of North Castle

Reliance Mop Wringer

This device at Smith’s Tavern has markings on the side metalwork that states that it is the “Reliance” model manufactured by the Lee Chair Company of Oneida, NY, “Pat Apr. 24, 1901”.  It is made of malleable iron and attention was given to its simplicity as it has no gears, eccentrics, springs or rollers but is operated wholly by a lever and powerful knuckle joint connected with a loose follower to which the pressure board is attached.  The latter automatically conforms to the shape of the mop so that no pains were necessary to distribute the mop evenly in the wringer. The leverage exerted is said to be great enough to raise 1000 pounds easily from a floor.


The Reliance mop wringer was made in two sizes:  No. 1 for domestic uses and No. 2 for hotels. The device at Smith’s Tavern appears to be a No. 1.


Reference:  Patent Record

Catalog Items:

Item T118

Location:Front of Panel 4
Length: 62 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height: 25 cm
Weight: 2723 g