Historic Tools of North Castle

Short Handle Scythe or Froe

This tool at Smith’s Tavern is a unique short handle scythe, with the blade fitted upside down.  Etched into the blade close to the handle is “F.K.”.  A scythe is traditionally a two-handed tool used for cutting grains or hay.  This tool was definitely handmade and probably was used for a specific task.

This tool could also be a froe, with its blade reversed.  The cutting edge of the froe was not swung but hammered.  The flat edge could be struck with a mallet, maul, or a small beetle while the cutting edge split the wood.


If anyone does know more about this particular tool, please email the Historical Society with this much-needed information.

Reference: None

Catalog Items:

Item T259

Location:Panel 16
Length: 34 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 1272 g